Welcome To The New Thru Project Web Site!

Greetings, The Thru Project is Back!


After a few months of recovery and time to sort through the 15 thousand images taken over the course of the thru hike, today is the launch of the new Thru Project website.

The past few months have been full of magical happenings and future plans for the project. The launch of our site and The Thru Project Shop are first on a long list of amazing Thru Project milestones to be reached in the near future.

As I build the body of artwork, it will be released on The Thru Project web site and blog. The website/blog and facebook will keep everyone up to date with the artwork and happenings of the project; gallery showings and events will be posted as they present themselves.

The Thru Project website will continue building towards the ultimate goal of creating the Thru Project book. As the project network grows , all efforts are going to be focused on getting the artwork to the public and acquiring the resources to start the book!

The Thru Project has partnered up with our sponsor, Paramount Fit Foods, with big plans to release a line of post cards and spread the Thru Project and Jerky love across the Appalachians. Look for the Paramount Fit Foods/ Thru Project booth at trail days!

Visit the Paramount Fit Foods website by clicking Here!

Today the project is releasing the first 13 images from the content created on the hike, 8 of which are for sale in The Thru Project Shop. These images have been selected to represent what more is to come from this project. All work is limited in edition and 25% of every sale benefits the Appalachian Trail annually.

The Thru Project would like to thank all the Hikers, Trail Angles, and amazing people that helped make this all possible. Thank you to all the contributors of the Indiegogo campaign we had before the hike. The artwork and contribution rewards are being put together as we speak. You will be updated very soon with the status of your pledge rewards!

More to come very soon!

Stay tuned to our website/blog and facebook!

The hike is over but the project is just getting started!


- Joshua Niven "Still Dont"