Update 4: Land of the Free

he Thru Project The Appalachian Trail www.thru-at.com The Thru-Project is chomping at the bit to hit the trail. We have had an incredible week and it's hard to believe how quickly things are shaping up. We are indebted to all of our supporters and friends who have propelled us along in the planning and fundraising stages. The Thru-Project has less than two weeks left before our fundraising deadline at Indiegogo.

The show in Savannah, Georgia was phantasmagorical. Music and photography jived like brothers.  Hot Plate, Yard Work, One Another, Hungry Girl, and Wet Socks supplied the sound, and Joshua Niven displayed his photography.  ALL of the metal prints shown in The Sparetime are now safe in the hands of a lucky few.

The Mountain House:

The Appy Trails Mark V is currently under evaluation. Here it is pitched in a yard somewhere in Jersey. It will probably get graffitied soon...with snow.

Like providence the tents arrived just in time for some interesting weather. First impressions? Vaulted ceilings, super-strong fabric, and single digit temperatures are a match made in heaven. In 18° F. I set it up in about 10 minutes by my self, in bitter wind for the first time. The aluminum stakes it comes with are short and weak, they bent immediately in the frozen ground. They will need to be replaced with something a bit more durable

I can't stand up straight inside this tent. But, I'm tall. I used my trekking pole, and a piece of the pole set this tent came with to set it up about 6' tall. The whole shebang currently weights around 1lb. 14 oz.

Inside, the harsh wind was reduced to a cool draft, I felt immediately comforted in the shelter it provided. I was skeptical as to the strength of the fabric when I first rolled it out. I yanked on it as hard as I could in the center of the main wall. I really wanted to see if it would just rip right open. To my surprise, it didn't even stretch. And then the temperature dropped to a balmy 9°F and the snow had a go at it.

It only snowed about 2 inches, but it definitely weighed down the sides and eventually stretched out the fabric. The stakes also bent under the weight of the snow. I routinely pushed the snow off the wall from the inside. Eventually, the snow sealed the edges of the tent. With a space blanket floor this green monster is ready to roll after a few quick modifications. More tie downs will be added in the mid section of the wall. The grommets will be reinforced and shock corded. And the seams will be touched up or reinforced in several areas.

 Who are you?

 March is only a month away!