Update 3: Manifest Destiny

Here is a more detailed review of several aspects of The Thru-Project's planning phases. he Thru Project The Appalachian Trail www.thru-at.com

Category 1: Love

We have received so much support from you! Everyone at the Thru-Project is so thankful for all of your kind words and encouragement. We are not doing this by ourselves, or for ourselves. The success of Thru-Project depends on the kindness of others and upon the spirit of community we build striving to reach our goal.

The Thru-Project is a team, and we love sharing our toils, art, and stories with you. We are committed to doing just that. You are essential in helping us make it happen!

The best is yet to come. We haven't even started yet. We are constantly working on our Facebook page and Blog to get out new images, and print. We are building it up so that you have an idea of what to expect from us in the future once we are ACTUALLY on the trail. One thing is for sure, there will be pictures, and there will be story telling. (Stories will hopefully be greater than 140 letters, and pictures will certainly make up for the other thousands.)

We have been shooting emails and phone calls all over the place to get our name out there, and kick off some chatter. We have received several responses surprisingly enthusiastic and willing to help.

We are currently courting a major sleeping bag supplier, and keeping our fingers crossed. Also, we were able to make it through the chain of command at the world's best lens maker's office and are submitting a proposal directly to the top. We are sooooooo stoked!

Category 2: Water

The Thru-Project is disciplined in the art of water purification. We currently have the means to make roughly 3800 gallons of water pure, and this is a very conservative estimate based on the longevity of purification filter cartridges. Under optimum conditions and maintenance, a more liberal estimate would be 4000-4800 gallons. We need to be able to purify at least ???? gallons for the full duration. We will consume around ???? liters of water over 2181 miles!

We have 3 pumps, and two gravity systems. In addition we have chemical back ups. Of course we are not carrying all six at the same time. We will probably carry one pump, and one gravity filter when it's cold. When it warms up we will add one ceramic siphon filter.  Chemical treatments will be ever present as a backup. This all adds up to a little under 3 pounds spread over 4 hikers. This is one area in which it redundancy is okay. Pumps break, we have back ups.

Category 3: Shelter

We have hiked with tents. We have hiked with tarps. We have hiked with hammocks and tarps. We have slept with the vermin in shelters. What can do it all? A simple plastic roof over your head propped up on a stick is the answer.

The Thru-Project is expecting two "Appy Trails Mark V," stealthy minimalist shelters. They assemble with trekking poles, have no floor, and weigh in at under two pounds each. What? Yes, 1 lb. 11 oz. is certainly less than 2 lbs. Pictures coming soon. Did I mention they are invisible on radar?

Check out "Appy Trails'" awesome website for more info http://www.appytrails.com/

Category 4: Food

A. The majority of your donations go towards feeding us. We will be four ravenous hikers constantly behind on calorie intake. We need to buy around $ 3000 worth of bulk food before we even set foot on the trail for our mail drops. We also need another $ 3000 to buy groceries and supplies along the way. Please donate to our Indiegogo campaign if you want to feed us while we make art for you!

B. Mail drops- We are continuing to work with bulk food suppliers in order to purchase our nutritionally dense foods at the most efficient prices. Our first major bulk food purchase will most likely occur next week. We have been eye balling a 20lb box of shelled pistachio meats! Our Mail drops are organized into 22 separate boxes that we will receive at a post office at 100 mile intervals, or roughly 1 per week.

This is where some of the fun starts. We have to figure out how we will ration our 4 oz. per person per week supply of pistachios. It's so hard not to just munch them all in two heaping handfuls.

C. Scavenging- We know where most of the gas stations and grocery stores are along the way to supplement our diets thanks to our awesome guidebook. There are also Trail Angels who love to feed hikers, and we can't wait to tell you about some of our Trail Magic stories.

Category 5: Gear

A. Cooking: We have multiple Jetboils for quick breakfasts and any other just-add-water type snacks. We will most likely take one Jetboil burner, and two cups. Jetboils are great for fast, individual meals.

We also have a 4 liter aluminum cooking pot that weighs a little under 12 oz. This will be our dinner maker, oven, caldron of wet oats, and jambalaya enabler.

Warming a four liter pot is not easy in the sticks. We hope to acquire a larger capacity stove soon.

B. Packs: Thanks to your donations, The Thru-Project is outfitted with modern comfortable packs. An infamous Kelty external frame 3000 has been retired. (I still love you Kelty 3000!) These packs are our mobile homes. We will have to lug them around at least 15 miles each day so we sprung for ultimate quality, comfort, and customer support. Stay tuned to see pictures of us, and them in action soon.