The Thru Project Mobile Gallery & Trail Days!

Hello everyone! It has been a very busy few weeks for The Thru Project. This past weekend we had a blast putting on a show with Paramount Fit Foods at Trail Days in Damascus.

We want to thank all of our supporters and friends in Damascus for such a wonderful weekend!

Over the few weeks leading up to Trail Days, Rickshaw (Bryan Anderson) and I designed and built a mobile gallery and studio trailer to be used on the road this summer spreading The Thru Project magic!

The trailer features a generator, over six feet of head space,a sleeping loft, solar lights, and eleven windows! Most of the timber we used for the project was salvaged from dumpsters including the rubber trim and waterproofing materials. The aluminum pieces are leftover trimmings from my photographic murals and the trailer body was purchased from a lawnmower mechanic out in the Nantahala National Forest.

Find us going up and down the Appalachian Trail with our trailer this summer, we will be hitting all the outfitters trying to get our postcards/artwork and jerky out to the public!


Trail days was a wonderful event for the project; our network grew by leaps and bounds and we were able to meet many wonderful people filled with ideas for the future.

Seeing fellow hikers from our thru hike, and running in to familiar faces from the trail, was wonderful.

Finally being able to show our hiking friends what we were working on along the trail was everything we had hoped it would be. The reception to the project was positive, making the efforts leading up to Trail Days completely worth it.

The goal for the event was to bring large, extravagant imagery that would blow thru-hikers minds and  help get them pumped for what awaits them on the remainder of their journey.

....While letting them know we survived off of Paramount Fit Food's Wild Hunt Packs the whole way!

We feel that the goal was met!

We made and gave away 1000 Thru Project buttons featuring the artwork. Hopefully a few will make it to Katahdin!

Thank you all for following and keep an eye on the project, it's going to be an exciting summer!

Below is a gallery of The Thru Project Trailer along with imagery from Trail Days.


- Still Dont (Joshua Niven)


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