The Thru Project Family


Today the project is releasing two pictures of two amazing members of Thru Project Family.

Throughout our hike across the Appalachian Trail we came into contact with an enormous amount of incredible people. Some of these people had a major impact on our project and how we felt about the experience we were having out on the ole AT.

Today I am presenting  images of Bill Harris and Nick Browne, two very special people.

This post will kick off the beginning of our collection of portraits of people who had a profound effect on the team and our experience on trail.

Bill Harris aka "Just Bill" aka "One Eye Tie".

The Thru Project,, Joshua Niven, Joshua Niven Photography, The Appalachian Trail, AT, Blaze, Damascus Virginia

Bill and his wonderful dog Deohghi live in the trail town of Damascus Virginia. The project team had the honor of meeting  Bill and Deohghi upon our arrival in Damascus on our thru hike. His attitude and love for the woods inspired all of us and gave the project a boost of love and energy. Bill spends his time at home in the woods making flys for fishing and keeping the Virginia Creeper trail free of litter. A wonderful man, a wonderful dog, and a profound heart for the wilderness. Bill is a true "Lifer" and will forever be a part of The Thru Project Family.

Nick Browne aka "Brownie" aka "The God".

The Thru Project,, Joshua Niven, Joshua Niven Photography, The Appalachian Trail, AT, Blaze, Maine, Nick Browne, Brownie

The Project met Nick while floating down the Shenandoah River. A month later we re united and ended up walking the rest of the trail together.  The time I spent walking with this guy had a major impact on me and the outcome of this project. His personality and presence on trial is cherished. He will forever be a force in what this project is all about and a member of The Thru Project family.

Thank you both for the support!


More to come very soon!

Stay tuned and remember to go outside and play!

Thank you!

- Joshua Niven "Still Dont"