Project Update 5: Valentine's day crushed, All Systems GO!

Thank you!

Our Indiegogo fundraising campaign has come to a close. The Thru-Project is hugely thankful for the donations made by 77 individuals in support of our journey. 60 days just went by in the blink of an eye. In less than a month, we will be boots on the Appalachian Trail. Thank you contributors and sponsors for feeding and sheltering us.  You have carried The Thru-Project to the trail. Now, we will hike it.

We are continuing to receive donations directly to the Thru-Project through Paypal. Funds should be sent to using Paypal. Yes, you will still receive the same awesome perks as our Indiegogo fundraiser when you donate to our cause!

Food is like gasoline for your legs.

Today, the Thru-Project received a sweet and savory valentine from one of our fantastic sponsors Clifbar. Awesome! Can't wait to calculate that heap of protein and calories! This just in, 53,880 calories and more than an entire kilogram of protein! Thank you Clifbar! P1040073A couple days ago the Thru-Project made a trip to Sam's Club and loaded a trolly with 300 lbs. of bulk food goodness. The bill climbed up to $860, which is not bad considering the massive amount of positive nutrition including super-foods such as walnuts, flax, and pistachios.

Each member of the Thru-Project will need to consume at least 4000 calories, 70 grams of protein, and 10 liters of water each day in order to average 15 miles per day. Woah! that's a whole lot of numbers. But wait, there's more. We need at least 2.4 million calories for the duration of our hike. So how in the world are you keeping track of 300 lbs. worth of calories and protein?P1040085And the answer of course is on a recycled class attendance sheet certified true to the best of my knowledge. Sufferin' succotash even more numbers!  What picture could possible paint these thousand calories? Lookout below! P1040082Therein contained lies 300 lbs. of food totaling 697,600 hearty calories by the numbers. That's only about 30% of what we need. Grocery store round two here we come. Then, we get to figure out how to fit it all into flat rate boxes. After that, we will establish a rhythm of living from box to box.

We plan on mailing the healthy stuff to ourselves at hostels and post offices along the way. We will depend on grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, bars, and trail magic for fresh food and other supplies.

Important tip of the day: Chocolate is really hard to eat when it is freezing cold outside.

So where does the Thru-Project stand?

We are still working on a sponsorship for a specific lens for Joshua's primary camera. We have nearly enough funds to feed ourselves frugally for the duration. We have all the hiking gear we need including the holy trifecta tents, bags, and packs. Our water purification systems are all assembled, tested, and proven. Our galley is an open tour kitchen with jet boil, whisperlite, frybake, and a 4 qt aluminum pot. The remaining food packaging logistics will be worked out in the next couple weeks.  We certainly need your continued support and encouragement.

March is rapidly approaching. We are ready to roll.SAMSUNG