Project Update 2: Making it happen

The Thru-Project sincerely thanks Hot Plate, Yard Work, One Another, Hungry Girl, and Wet Socks for playing music for us and making our Benefit Concert at The Sparetime vibrate exceptionally well.

We are continuing to plow ahead with the planning and fundraising arms of operation Thru-Project. Here are some more specifics as to what in the world we are doing now to make it happen.

Photography: The photography end is in the trusted hands of Joshua Niven. I had the opportunity to see some of his recent work over the holidays when I was in the Charlotte, NC area. I was impressed. Cameras these days might as well be space ships or time machines because they make magic happen in the right hands. Josh and I started out in black and white photography back in high school and it is absolutely incredible what digital cameras are capable of these days.

I remember shooting roll after roll of black and white film trying to "get the shot." I was a purist for the old dark room tradition and lethal chemical fumes. Joshua and I even built our high school's second darkroom together, but I can say for sure now without a tear in my eye, that analog is comatose, and Joshua's Canon blows film off the side of the mountain.

Josh was out with his new camera turning night into day in preparation for The Thru-Project's art auction, and concert benefit. He's logged some serious shutter time. The technical details are certainly all worked out as far as battery consumption, storage space, and understanding all the buttons and dials. I am especially excited about Joshua's waterproof camera housing. Oh, hello rainbow trout! Or, hello torrential downpour, let's see if I can catch a lightning bolt through the lens this time instead of to the face.

Jarred Douglas is also readying a couple more cameras to take video, and time lapse shots as well.  More on that later.

Fundraising: Indiegogo is our primary crowd sourcing platform. As of the time I push "publish" we have raised $2,480 which is fantastic. We are so thankful to have friends, family, and random strangers willing to give their support to our cause. A list of all the donors is on our "contributors" tab at the top of our site. Thank you so much for helping make our dream of hiking and conservation a reality.

Give us anything, we will take it. If there was a "pocket change" capability we would gladly accept your pennies. If you have an awesome pack you don't want, we will happily barter for it. Every dollar you give puts one of us a mile down the trail. 20 dollars puts us each 5 miles down the trail. (Assuming we are not lost, maimed, frozen, or otherwise immobilized, which is a very real possibility) Don't forget, you get something awesome in return for your donation! And you also receive none of the physical pain or risk to injury we endure.

Have you shared us with your friends yet on facebook? Have you liked us if you like us on facebook yet? Our facebook account is linked to our idiegogo page and it helps promote us in rank and standing the more likes we get. So, "like" us if you do and share us with your friends if you have not already, the more the merrier. Awesome.

Planning: My goodness if I wrote it all my head would explode. I'll focus on 2 iotas.

First, IFAK means individual first aid kit. Everybody gets to carry a band aid and a shortened roll of duct tape. Creativity, ingenuity, and knowledge of herbal medicine make up for the rest.

Second, FOOD means what you eat after you add water to it. Ha, it's not that bad. I worked at a chocolate shop and we always had left over nut dust. It was pretty much useless as far as candy making went. I would gather up the pecan, pistachio, almond, peanut, walnut, cashew, sunflower seed, and hazelnut dust. Then I would mix in some minced dark chocolate, oatmeal, cranberries, apricots, and raspberry. Add honey or brown sugar to taste. This concoction is the horse we will ride on. Breakfast of Champions, Expletiving "ferry dust," I kid you not.

That's all for now.

-Written by Joel Dallas, Images by Joshua Niven