Project Update

Project Update We have been digitally up and running for the last couple days. We are so thankful for those of you who have contributed to our crowd sourcing campaign over at  where you have donated nearly two thousand dollars!

We humbly ask for your continued effort in sharing our project with your friends, family, and colleagues to spread the word and increase support for our team. Every dollar counts, and we are truly grateful.

Let us clarify for one moment our goals. We are raising money to make a substantial body of professional photography and writing.

From this body of work we will conceive a photo narrative unlike anything EVER created before on the Appalachian Trail. We are putting the cutting edge of photographic equipment, experience, and process into this project and the result will be nothing short of breathtaking.

Have you seen the stars from the bottom of a creek before? Have you gazed into darkness and glimpsed eyes staring back in the distance?  Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

So why do we need your money again? Well, the Thru-Project team consists of indebted college graduates, and working class farm boys. To escape from the civilization we are in, we just need a little help surviving for six months with no income in the wilderness.

Your donations help put a 1.5 lb roofs over our heads and warm tuna surprise in our bellies. In return, you get a piece of the process whether it is a postcard, or a giant glowing aluminum print. Invest a little; Give a lot.

Your donations also create art that sustains the conservancy of the Appalachian Trail. The photographic prints Joshua Niven makes will be shown in galleries where they will make large sums of paper. Imagine the stars and lightning bugs making the forest appear on fire in a five-foot Image in front of you.

Galleries take a large percentage of the money generated from art sales, but we are still giving 25% of the proceeds back to The Appalachian Trail.

The following is a list of Appalachian Trail Maintaining Clubs that the Thru- Project aims to support with 25% of the proceeds generated from gallery and publication sales. Listed North to South:

  • Maine A.T. Club
  • Appalachian Mountain Club
  • Randolph Mountain Club
  • Dartmouth Outing Club
  • Green Mountain Club
  • AMC Berkshire Chapter
  • AMC Connecticut Chapter
  • New York – New Jersey Trail Conference
  • Wilmington Trail Club
  • Botana Hiking Club
  • AMC Delaware Valley Chapter
  • Philadelphia Trail Club
  • Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club
  • Allentown Hiking Club
  • Susquehanna A.T. Club
  • York Hiking Club
  • Cumberland Valley A.T. Club
  • Mountain Club of Maryland
  • Potomac A.T. Club
  • Old Dominion A.T. Club
  • Tidewater A.T. Club
  • Natural Bridge A.T. Club
  • Roanoke A.T. Club
  • Outdoor Club of Virginia Tech
  • Piedmont A.T. Hikers
  • Mount Rogers A.T. Club
  • Tennessee Eastman Hiking Club
  • Carolina Mountain Club
  • Smoky Mountains Hiking Club
  • Nantahala Hiking Club
  • Georgia A.T. Club
  • The Appalachian Trail Conservancy