Has Spring Sprung?!?!

Hello all, It would appear that spring has finally sprung! Although here at The Thru Project head quarters in Asheville, NC we have about 1.5 inches of snow on the ground, go figure! Hoping this is winter's last push before the green comes out and the Appalachian Mountains transform.

Over here at the headquarters we are working on getting ready for the up coming 2014 Trail Days in Damascus VA, we are going over big plans with our partners Paramount Fit Foods and readying the work for the event.

Today I am presenting two images I have been working on in honor of the birds chirping, daffodils blooming and all the 2014 thru-hikers making there way to Katahdin.

Praying for warm weather, for all thru hikers, to come very soon! This time last year The Thru Project was trudging through snow in the smokies.

Hopefully winter will release its grip before long!

Georgia Cloud

The Thru Project, Thru-at.com, Joshua Niven, Joshua Niven Photography, The Appalachian Trail, AT, Georgia Cloud

Modern society does not look up to the sky for answers like our ancestors once did; answers on life and the seasons, with frequent contemplation of our place within the cosmos.

This image, taken of a lonesome cloud in Georgia, represents the contemplation of life and existence that we participate in just by looking up.

Gore Brook

The Thru Project, Thru-at.com, Joshua Niven, Joshua Niven Photography

This image taken, after hiking over Mt. Greylock, on a beautiful day in Massachusetts. The ponds around this area were captivating, lush and inspiring. Notice Brownie and Muffins relaxing  in the midst of this beauty.


Thank you for following the project!

More to come soon!

Stay tuned!

- Joshua Niven "Still Dont"