Good Bye New Hampshire!

The Thru-Project would like to let everyone know that the photographic needs of the project have created some conflicting schedules. We've made the decision to separate for the remainder of the hike. New Hampshire and Maine have presented me with increasingly dramatic landscapes to create in and I will need to slow down to get the coverage I need.  I will be posting a timeline gallery of my hike as often as possible. Thank you and enjoy!

- Joshua Niven "Still Dont"

The following is a selection of images taken between Franconia Ridge in The White Mountains and the New Hampshire-Maine border.

Welcome to Franconia Ridge!


Muffins loves him some Paramount Fit Foods!

Samba...The God.

Zealand Falls

This is Max! Trail angel and awesome guy, he treated us to a place to stay, dinner, awesome people to talk to and Django on dvd! Thank you Max, your personality was inspiting to all of us!

Lakes of the clouds hut!

The hut close up!

Our introduction to Mt.Washington

Summit! Whats with all of the buildings?

Mt.Washington without the walking!

The best weather in the whites we could possibly ask for!

Lake view behind Madison Spring Hut

Friends! Dumptruck, Clever girl, Clever Girl's Mom, Grim, Mellow Johnny and Samba!!!

We went caving! View from within!

This is a Ruffed Grouse

The Border! Finally, 13 states down 1 to go

Brownie is happy!!

I had an abrupt introduction to Maine!

This image is the begining of Mhoosuc Notch, the longest, hardest, most fun mile on the Appalachian trail!

Mahoosuc cave pass.

Climb on!

Mahoosuc cave break!

Truckin along on the hardest /most fun/ hard mile!


The Mahoosuc Notch hike ended with these lovely people. Steve and Lee Smith, Amazing home and amazing family! They brought us in and fed us and gave us beds to sleep in.. They made our week! Thanks Guys!

Soooo good!