Fourth of July...Two for America!

Happy America day everyone! Today I am presenting images of two very important swimming holes on the AT!

The first image entitled 'Dismal' was taken just after a huge rainstorm at Dismal Falls near Bland VA.

The Thru Project has had some very memorable experiences at this beautiful swimming whole, met some amazing people and even a pet raccoon!

On the day we passed through on our thru hike the falls were in no condition for swimming, but that did not keep me out of the water with the camera to make few pictures of the intensity the storm had created.

Dismal. Dismal Falls, Bland VA. Mile: 607.3

The second image entitled 'Cinnamon's Plunge' was taken at the intersection of the James River and The Appalachian Trail. This notorious bridge happens to be the longest foot use only bridge on the entire Appalachian Trail. It is also one of the most fun spots on the AT to un-wind and get your adrenaline pumping.

On this day a good friend of the project, Cinnamon, decided to release his grip on the bridge just as a train passed.

This day sticks out in my brain as one of my most memorable days on trail.

Our bridge session was followed by a trip in to Glasgow, an amazing trail town small, but with all the amenities. This town really knows how to take care of their hikers... More to come on Glasgow in the near future!

Cinnamon's Plunge. James River @ Glasgow. Va. Mile: 780.1

Thank you all for following the project!

Many images to come!

Stay tuned and happy Fourth of July.

- Joshua Niven