Fawn & Timber Rattle Snake

Greetings! Today the project is sharing two images of animal encounters.


Timber Rattle Snake.

The Thru Project, Thru-at.com, Joshua Niven, Joshua Niven Photography, The Appalachian Trail, AT , Timber Rattle Snake, Pennsylvania

During a normal thru-hike, starting in march heading north to Katahdin, hikers find themselves in the middle of rattler territory right in the midst of the perfect time to see these guys on a regular basis. Every day on trail during the summer months you are constantly on alert. The population of Rattle Snakes in PA is massive. Luckily enough, they generally wont mess with you...unless you step on them! This guy decided to pose nicely for me as our journeys brought us in contact. The protection of these snakes proves to be very important as they regulate the rodent population that regulates the tick population. This, in turn, helps reduce the presence of lime disease in the Appalachians. Value these creatures but beware of the dangers of there presence!


The Thru Project, Thru-at.com, Joshua Niven, Joshua Niven Photography, The Appalachian Trail, AT, Blaze, Fawn, virginia, shenandoah national park

One evening In the Shenandoah National Park after ending our hike at Pass Mountain Hut, there was some commotion between the hikers about a weak fawn in one of the campsites. We had a feeling that maybe the mom had abandoned it after being spooked by the arrival of the hikers that evening. After a little bit of waiting around and wondering, the mother finally popped out of the woods. Everyone had been careful to avoid disturbing either of the creatures and eventually the mother gathered the courage and came to the rescue. In between these events I had the opportunity to get in close and snap a few pictures. This was a very unique situation, getting in so close to this beautiful fawn. What an unbelievable model! It was a joy creating this picture.

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- Joshua Niven "Still Dont"