Blue Ridge Outdoors!

Hello all! Big shout out to Jess Daddio and Blue Ridge Outdoor Magazine!

In this months issue (April 2014) of BRO you find an amazing article about 10 Appalachian Trail Heroes or "Trail Angels"

In the article you will find an amazing write up about some wonderful souls that help hikers, and continue the trail angel traditions along the AT

In the midst of the article you will find a piece of Thru Project imagery and a little interview about our interactions with trail angels from my prospective

Thank you Jess and BRO for the love!

Everyone can pick up this magazine for free from numerous stores and outfitters along the Appalachians

You can also visit for an immense amount of outdoor information

On the website you can also purchase a digital copy of this months release and read the "Guardians of THE White Blaze" article!

Thanks again guys!

More to come soon!

- Joshua Niven "Still Dont"