151.2 Miles Left!

The project is currently in Caratunk, Maine - 151.2 miles from the end of our journey! Maine has been wonderful, we have met a lot of really amazing people. Up here at the northern end of the trail, people are fewer and further between, but they remind me of those in the deep south. There is certainly a touch of Northern hospitality here. Upon entering Maine, we had 5 days of rain, but we have finally hit a streak of good weather and we are pushing for the finish! With only one more re-supply comming up before the 100 mile wilderness and limited access to technology, this post will be the last post until the trip has been completed.

Shortly after we summit Mt. Katadin, I'll summarize the hike with a final post for this section of the project. Then all of the wonderful post production and hand breaking work will begin! Stay tuned - it will be exciting! Thank you all for your continued support.

-Joshua Niven "Still Dont"

Below is an array of images from our last week of hiking!

Stairs, rain and more stairs! Maine is beautiful but quite slippery and dangerous! Obstacles like these are everywhere!

This image was taken on the way up Saddleback mountain mile 1971.2!


We found a boat! While hiking by Ethel pond I spotted a boat hidden in the woods, we quickly jumped in and paddled out  to the middle of the beautiful mountain pond!


Selfie on the pond! Sweet curl bro!

This image was taken from Saddleback looking at The Horn. Check out the rainbow behind The Horn!

Un-Official 2000 mile mark!!! This image was taken on Bigelow Mountain.

Trail Magic! These guys have been giving trail magic in the most un likley of spots in Maine, 50 minuets down a dirt road to the trail in the middle of no where. They have been giving back to the trail this way since 1998! Thanks guys the dinner and breakfast was amazing!

The one and only white blaze that moves! At mile marker 2034.3 The Appalachian Trail crosses the Kennenbec river since the 1980's a ferry service consisting of a canoe with a white blaze on it and a ferry oppurator take hikers from one side to the other. Back in the day, before this service was provided hikers had to find there own way across this wide river.

Kennebec River Ferry opperator!

Posted by Joshua Niven "Still Dont"