Hello Everyone!

Today I would like to announce the launch of The Thru Project's sister company The Wander Tree's new Gallery and craft store! The new shop is located in the heart of West Asheville North Carolina and is offering the area an array of inspired goods and fine-art. Currently inhabiting the main gallery is The Thru Project, the work will be up for viewing until the end of June. The Wander Trees and The Thru Project are currently planning an Appalachian Trail inspired event for the community during the duration of the gallery showing. More information will be made available as soon as plans are finalized.

The following is a grouping of images showing what The Wander Trees  Gallery havs to offer!

Catch The Thru Project's traveling gallery trailer and The Wander Trees set up at this year's Trail Days in Damascus Virginia May 13th-15th!

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-Joshua Niven



842 Haywood Road Asheville North Carolina


Friends of The Thru Project/Hiker Season Kick Off!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the brand new Thru Project web site!

With hiker season beginning and all the excitement of warm weather and festivals on the horizon; I have found myself reminiscing about days on trail constantly. Along with the reminiscing, remembering the people we met along the way that helped shape the project and always put a smile on our faces. In honor of this years hiking season I would like to share images of just a few of these awesome people! Thank you all for the positivity and good times!

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- Joshua Niven